Vengeance Demon Hunter Set | Purple & Green

This Vengeance Demon Hunter Set features the new “Aldrachi Warblades” artifact weapons. Every single piece, except the demon hunter artifact weapon, can be farmed prior to wow legion 7.0. Even though this demon hunter transmog is designed for a night elf female, any race/faction combo can use this demon hunter transmog. If you’re looking for more demon hunter transmog ideas, in particular vengeance demon hunter artifact sets, then scroll down below this set and you’ll see 9 other cool demon hunter transmog that I made featuring different world of warcraft playable races, male and female.

Vengeance Demon Hunter Set

Aldrachi Warblades Iron Warden Skin with Blue Tint Transmog

Head: Fuzzy Headcover by completing “Out of Place” quest in Searing Gorge.

Shoulder: Spaulders of Dinomancy by slaying Horridon in Throne of Thunder.
Cloak: Ribcracker’s Cloak by purchasing from Commander Lo Ping in Townlong Steppes.
Chest: Winter’s Icy Embrace by looting Cache of Winter from Hodir (25man) in Ulduar.
Shirt: Common Gray Shirt by purchasing from clothier in capital cities.
Hands: Carnage Breath Gauntlets by slaying Brackenspore in Highmaul.
Waist: Barrage Blaster Belt by slaying Oregorger in Blackrock Foundry.
Legs: Legguards of the Unstoppable Charge by slaying Beastlord Darmac in Blackrock Foundry.
Horde Feet: Primal Combatant’s Boots of Cruelty by purchasing from Shadow Hunter Gar’ant in Warspear.
Alliance Feet: Black Iron Spurs by slaying Beastlord Darmac in Blackrock Foundry.
Warglaives: MH – Aldrachi Warblades | OH – Aldrachi Warblades: by using the iron warden skin and selecting the blue tint color model.

WoW Legion Set Notes:

This vengeance demon hunter transmog is not really based on any previous world of warcraft transmog set. I would recommend checking the “similar model” feature on Wowhead to see the multiple available models for the helm. There are plenty of different quests you can do to obtain the demon hunter helm transmog, other than the “Out of Place” quest. I couldn’t really find a better alternative for the boots with this legion transmog set, even after sifting through the 700 or 800 available transmog boots for demon hunters (multiple times). That being said, the image shows what the Horde boots will look like with this set, while the Alliance boots are a bit lighter at the top of the boot. If anyone is able to find better boots for this demon hunter set, then please let me know, as I would LOVE to solve this problem and find the perfect boots to match the outfit.

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