Unholy Death Knight Transmog Set (Yellow & Black)

This unholy death knight transmog features the new “Apocalypse” artifact weapon. Every single piece, except the unholy death knight artifact weapon, can be farmed prior to wow legion 7.0. Even though this death knight transmog is designed for a orc female, any race/faction combo can use this transmog set. If you’re looking for more dk transmog ideas, in particular unholy dk artifact sets, then scroll down below this set and you’ll see many other cool death knight transmogs that I made.

death knight Apocalypse xmog

Apocalypse Herald of Pestilence Skin with Yellow Tint Transmog

Head: Crown of the Crags by slaying Tectus in Highmaul

Shoulder: Spaulders of the Iron Crucible by slaying Blackhand in Blackrock Foundry.
Cloak: Cloak of Frenzied Rage by slaying The Butcher in Highmaul.
Chest: Ionized Yojamban Carapace by slaying Jin’rokh the Breaker in Throne of Thunder.
Hands: Tortos’ Shellseizers by slaying Tortos in Throne of Thunder.
Waist: Refreshing Abalone Girdle by slaying Tortos in Throne of Thunder.
Legs: Legplates of Re-Emergence by slaying Durumu the Forgotten in Throne of Thunder.
Feet: Haunted Steel Greaves by making the boots via Blacksmithing recipe (600).
Two-Hand: Apocalypse by using the herald of pestilence skin and selecting the yellow tint color option.

Unholy Set Notes:

This unholy death knight transmog is focused around the tier 15 recolor set. Tier 15 does of course have matching shoulders and a head piece that go along with the rest of the gear, but I believe the Warlord shoulder and head pieces look better for this set. Farming the gear is pretty straightforward; kill bosses and repeat. But, unlike the last death knight xmog set, this set features many low droprate items (around 5-6%).

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