Undead Female Outlaw Rogue Transmog Set (Gold & Brown)

This undead female outlaw rogue transmog set features the new “Fate” and “Fortune” artifact weapons. Every single piece, except the outlaw artifact weapons, can be farmed prior to wow legion 7.0. Even though this rogue transmog is designed for a undead female, any race/faction combo can use this transmog set. If you’re looking for more rogue transmog ideas, in particular outlaw rogue artifact sets, then scroll down below this set and you’ll see many other cool rogue transmogs that I made featuring different world of warcraft playable races, male and female.

Gold & Brown Rogue Artifact Set

Dreadblades Promise of the Seascourge Model with Silver Skin Transmog

Head: Hateful Gladiator’s Leather Helm by purchasing from Arcanist Adurin in Dalaran OR Magister Brasael in Dalaran.

Shoulder: Spaulders of the Thousandfold Blades by looting Shoulders of the Shadowy Vanquisher from Box of Fancy Stuff in Terrace of Endless Spring.
Cloak: Craven Coward’s Cloak by slaying Gibblette the Cowardly in Frostfire Ridge.
Chest: Vest of the Assailant by completing the “Aces High!” quest Borean Tundra.
Hands: Seafoam Gauntlets by purchasing the gloves via Leatherworking (420).
Waist: Flayer’s Black Belt by slaying Forgemaster Garfrost in Pit of Saron.
Legs: Constellation Leggings by looting Tribunal Chest in Halls of Stone.
Feet: Windripper Boots by making the boots via Leatherworking (440).
Artifact Weapons: [MH] Fate [OH] Fortune by using the Promise of the Seascourge artifact model and selecting the Silver color tint variation.

Outlaw Set Notes:

  • This undead female outlaw rogue transmog is based around the Dark Arctic transmog set.
  • Head piece can be purchased straight from vendor with gold.
  • Box of Fancy Stuff pops up after you defeat Lei Shi.
  • Leatherworking gear can also be found on the auction house most of the time.
  • Everything else in this rogue transmog comes from standard transmog farming.

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