Troll Shaman Set (Orange and Red)

This troll shaman set features a mix of different transmog gear and is not really based on any previous shaman transmog set. I always try to stay clear of shaman items in the Black Market Auction House, as some people find it hard to farm that transmog gear. However, you will find some mythic shaman gear from previous and current tiers in some of my shaman sets. If you’re looking for more shaman transmog set ideas, in particular troll shaman mail sets, then scroll down below this set and you’ll see 4 other cool shaman transmogs that I made featuring male and female trolls.

Male Orange and Red Shaman Transmog

Troll Shaman Set – Orange and Red

Head: Valorous Earthshatter Helm by slaying Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas.

Shoulder: Sanctified Frost Witch’s Spaulders by slaying Icecrown Citadel bosses (see wowhead).
Cloak: Many-Layered Scalecloak by purchasing from Ao Pye in Townlong Steppes.
Chest: Conqueror’s Worldbreaker Tunic by purchasing from Magister Sarien in Dalaran.
Hands: Unclean Surgical Gloves by slaying Festergut in Icecrown Citadel.
Waist: Stormbinder Waistguard by purchasing from Iris Moondreamer in Mount Hyjal.
Feet: Masterwork Boots by slaying classic trash mobs (see wowhead).
One-Hand: Wicked Edge of the Planes by making the axe via Blacksmithing (385).
Shield: Fallen Defender of Argus by slaying Tyrant Velhari in Hellfire Citadel.

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