Troll Male Frost Mage Transmog Set | White & Red

This troll male frost mage transmog set features the new “Ebonchill” artifact weapon. Every single piece, except the mage artifact weapon, can be farmed prior to wow legion 7.0. Even though this frost mage transmog is designed for a troll male, any race/faction combo can use this mage transmog. If you’re looking for more mage transmog ideas, in particular frost mage artifact sets, then scroll down below this set and you’ll see 9 other cool mage transmog that I made featuring different world of warcraft playable races, male and female.

Troll Male Frost Mage Transmog Set

Ebonchill Flow of the First Skin with White Tint Transmog

Troll Male Frost Mage Transmog Set

Head: Shadowveil Hood by completing the “A Feast of Shadows” quest in Spires of Arak

Shoulder: Valorous Kirin Tor Shoulderpads by looting Spaulders of the Wayward Vanquisher from Thorim in Ulduar
Cloak: Powerful Hexweave Cloak by making the cloak from Tailoring
Chest: Lightwarper Vestments by purchasing from Faldren Tillsdale in Stormwind City OR Jamus’Vaz in Orgrimmar
Hands: The Hands of Gilly by purchasing from Faldren Tillsdale in Stormwind City OR Jamus’Vaz in Orgrimmar
Waist: Vestal’s Irrepressible Girdle by purchasing from Faldren Tillsdale in Stormwind City OR Jamus’Vaz in Orgrimmar
Feet: Splinterfoot Sandals by purchasing from Faldren Tillsdale in Stormwind City OR Jamus’Vaz in Orgrimmar
Two-Hand: Ebonchill by using the flow of the first ebonchill weapon and selecting the white tint color model.

WoW Legion Set Notes:

This frost mage artifact transmog is loosely based on the gold tier 13 raid transmog set. Most of this legion transmog set is really easy to obtain. Four of the pieces can be bought from vendors using gold and the shoulder piece has a pretty high droprate from Thorim. If you’ve already done the Feast of Shadows quest then I recommend checking WoWhead’s “similar model” feature by scrolling down on the item detail page, as there is a BOE helm with the same model. Maybe you can find it on the AH or do some farming. Also, make sure you don’t upgrade the cloak because the color model will change.

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