Transmog Unholy DK Set (Green & Brown)

This transmog unholy dk features the new “Apocalypse” artifact weapon. Every single piece, except the unholy death knight artifact weapon, can be farmed prior to wow legion 7.0. Even though this death knight transmog is designed for a orc female, any race/faction combo can use this transmog set. If you’re looking for more dk transmog ideas, in particular unholy dk artifact sets, then scroll down below this set and you’ll see many other cool death knight transmogs that I made.

unholy death knight legion transmog

Apocalypse Faminebearer Skin with GreenTint Transmog

Head: Faceguard of the All-Consuming Maw by looting Helm of the Crackling Vanquisher in Mists of Pandaria Raid Finder.

Shoulder: Automated Shoulderplates by looting Sargerei Warspoils in Hellfire Citadel.
Cloak: Drape of the Screeching Swarm by slaying Raigonn at the Gate of the Setting Sun.
Chest: Chestplate of Congealed Corrosion by looting Tears of the Vale in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Tabard: Tabard of the Earthen Ring by purchasing from Provisioner Arok in Shimmering Expanse. Friendly with Earthen Ring required.
Hands: Corruption-Rotted Gauntlets by looting Tears of the Vale in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Waist: Poisonbinder Girth by slaying Sun Tenderheart in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Legs: Legplates of Willful Doom by slaying Malkorok in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Feet: Treads of Unchained Hate by looting Tears of the Vale in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Two-Hand: Apocalypse by using the faminebearer skin and selecting the green tint color option.

Unholy Set Notes:

This unholy dk artifact transmog is focused around the brown tier 16 recolor. Most of this unholy xmog set is a mishmash of low and high droprate transmog gear. The belt, shoulders, and legs for instance drop at about 2%. While the chest is around 15%. There is of course a different helm you can use for this death knight set (brown T16 helm), but I think the Maw helm looks pretty good with this Apocalypse set.

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