New Tier 19 Six Piece Sets (6th Slot = Cape!)

Legion Tier Sets 2

Hey everyone, recently the new tier 19 class raiding sets were datamined and they included a new 6th slot item, which turned out to be capes! I’m not sure where Blizzard is going from here, but it looks like they may add even more slots for each tier, by the time Legion is released. Nine piece tier sets, anybody? Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see an animation video I made featuring each class set, as well as links to Wowhead, so you can check them out yourself.

Note: Video features a mix of normal, heroic, and mythic sets because we only have access to one cloak graphic at the moment, and I wanted to match the cloak with whichever raid tier the cloak featured. Also, some sets are still bugged; collapsed shoulders, invisible chest, etc.

*On Wowhead: Click “View in 3-D” then “Open in Dressing Room” (Use Firefox if it crashes or bugs out)* (Rogue Set Still Showing Old Tier)

They don’t have sets listed right now for the heroic and mythic version, but if you type the name of your class into the item slot in the Wowhead dressing room, then the other tier versions will show up. For example, if you type shaman in the head slot, you will see “7.0 Tier Raid Shaman” with all the tier versions. Every slot, but the cloak, has all the tier versions available to view.

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