Fel-Touched Armor Ensemble Sets | Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate

Legion Transmog Sets (2)

Hey everyone, these are the new legion fel-touched armor ensemble sets. I will update this page with locations once they’re made available. I will also post recommended cloaks and weapons for each set once we know more.

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Fel-Touched Cloth Ensemble Set - Legion Crafted Gear

Fel-Touched Armor Cloth Transmog Set

Head: Fel-Infused Helm

Shoulder: Fel-Infused Spaulders

Chest: Fel-Infused Hauberk

WristFel-Infused Bracers

Hands: Fel-Infused Grips

Waist: Fel-Infused Cinch

Legs: Fel-Infused Leggings

Feet: Fel-Infused Boots

Fel-Touched Leather Ensemble Set - Legion Crafted Gear

Fel-Touched Armor Leather Transmog Set

Head: Felshroud Hood

Shoulder: Felshroud Shoulders

Chest: Felshroud Vest

Wrist: Felshroud Bindings

Hands: Felshroud Gloves

Waist: Felshroud Belt

Legs: Felshroud Pants

Feet: Felshroud Boots

Fel-Touched Mail Ensemble Set - Legion Crafted Gear

Fel-Touched Armor Mail Transmog Set

Head: Fel-Chain Helm

Shoulder: Fel-Chain Spaulders

Chest: Fel-Chain Hauberk

Wrist: Fel-Chain Bracers

Hands: Fel-Chain Grips

Waist: Fel-Chain Cinch

Legs: Fel-Chain Leggings

Feet: Fel-Chain Boots

Fel-Touched Plate Ensemble Set - Legion Crafted Gear

Fel-Touched Armor Plate Transmog Set

Head: Felforged Helmet

Shoulder: Felforged Pauldrons

Chest: Felforged Chestplate

Wrist: Felforged Vambraces

Hands: Felforged Gauntlets

Waist: Felforged Waistplate

Legs: Felforged Legplates

Feet: Felforged Warboots

Fel-Touched Armor Ensemble Sets: Video Below

Transmog Tip: Know Where The Questlines Begin!

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