Druid Tier 3 Transmog | Dreamwalker Raiment

This WoW set features the full Dreamwalker Raiment transmog, which is the druid tier 3 raid set. Dreamwalker was orginally added in vanilla patch 1.11.0, then removed with the Naxxaramas revamp during Wrath of the Lich King, and finally made available once again in Mists of Pandaria via the Black Market Auction House.

How to get druid tier 3? By bidding for the pieces on the BMAH.

Are tier 3 sets class specific?  No, you can transmog any tier 3 set as long as the set matches your armor specialization.
How many set pieces? [8]  Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Bracer, Hands, Belt, Pants, and Feet.


Tier 3 Druid Set

Druid Tier 3 Transmog:
[Drop Locations]

Head: Dreamwalker Headpiece by purchasing the helmet from the BMAH.

Shoulder: Dreamwalker Spaulders by purchasing the shoulders from the BMAH.
Chest: Dreamwalker Tunic by purchasing the chest from the BMAH.
Wrist: Dreamwalker Wristguards by purchasing the bracers from the BMAH.
Hands: Dreamwalker Handguards by purchasing the gloves from the BMAH.
Waist: Dreamwalker Girdle by purchasing the belt from the BMAH.
Legs: Dreamwalker Legguards by purchasing the pants from the BMAH.
Feet: Dreamwalker Boots by purchasing the boots from the BMAH.

Transmog Tip: Know Where The Questlines Begin!

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