Anduin Lothar Transmog Set | Warcraft Movie Transmog

This Warcraft movie transmog features Sir Anduin Lothar, the lead protagonist for the Alliance, as portrayed by the actor Travis Fimmel in the film. I tried to match his armor as best as I could, without mixing and matching armor proficiencies, so people could actually transmog the full set. That being said, this is a full plate transmog set, which can be used by any plate class (Alliance or Horde), excluding the Stormwind Tabard. I also feature an animation video at the bottom of the post, if anyone is interested in seeing the transmog set animated.

Warcraft Movie Transmog

Anduin Lothar Transmog Set – Warcraft Movie Transmog

Shoulder: Stormforged Shoulders by making the shoulders via Blacksmithing (480).

Chest: Exalted Harness by slaying AQ20 and AQ40 trash mobs (see wowhead).
Shirt: Stylish Blue Shirt by making the shirt via Tailoring (120).
Tabard: Stormwind Tabard by completing the “Scraps of Iron” quest in Frostfire Ridge .
Hands: Stormforged Gauntlets by making the gloves via Blacksmithing (450).
Waist: Girdle of Stability by slaying Gurtogg Bloodboil in Black Temple.
Legs: Blackened Legplates of Feugen by slaying Thaddius in Naxxramas.
Feet: Greaves of Sublime Superiority by slaying Sha of Pride in Siege of Orgrimmar.
One-Hand: Replica Lion’s Fang by logging into WoW between May 25th and August 1st 2016.
Shield: Replica Lion’s Heart by logging into WoW between May 25th and August 1st 2016.
Alternative Two-Hand: Steelforged Greataxe by making the axe via Blacksmithing.
Alternative Two-Hand: Replica Grand Marshal’s Claymore by purchasing from Big Zokk Torquewrench in Netherstorm (can be transmogged). Still purchasable as of patch 7.1 in Area 52.
Alternative Two-Hand: Grand Marshal’s Claymore by purchasing from Lieutenant Jackspring in Stormwind City (cannot be transmogged).

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