50 Awesome Enemy Models In Legion!

Hey everyone, I thought I would give you a general idea of what to expect when it comes to enemies in Legion, by compiling this quick list of 50 enemies I found while surfing the Wowhead 7.1 legion database. I’m sure some of the enemy models might change by the time legion comes out, as we’re still pretty far out. I’ve also created a custom list below, so you can easily lookup any enemies that you want more details on.

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Enemies List: http://legion.wowhead.com/list=6298961…

1. Agmozuul
2. Calydus
3. Carrion Nightmare
4. Aughild the Bitter
5. Gorgroth
6. Baalstrog
7. Balaadur *The Hunter of Mages*
8. Argnotha
9. Beguiled Inquisitor
10. Ambushing Fel Bat
11. Aquious the Tidebreaker
12. Aranasi Princess Satine
13. Nightmare Amalgamation
14. Braxas the Fleshcarver
15. Shadowfeather
16. Caria Felsoul
17. Guardian Thor’el *The Eighth Shield*
18. Oreth the Vile
19. Roteye
20. Drugon the Frostblood
21. Aodh Witherpetal
22. Ealdis
23. Huk’roth the Houndmaster
24. Rabxach
25. Elerethe Renferal
26. Na’zak the Fiend
27. Odyn
28. Elisande *Grand Magistrix*
29. Deathroot Ancient
30. Duke Hydraxis *Emissary of the Waterlord*
31. Fel Flicker
32. Arcane Destroyer
33. Arcane Guardian
34. Lysanis Shadesoul *Felsworn Commander*
35. Khiinam *Hakkar’s Minion*
36. Darkfire Felwing
37. Deepdweller Kaidju
38. Desecrator Ma’veth
39. Draketamer Rulfgar
40. Dral’zeth
41. Dread Shrieker
42. Dreadhoof
43. Escaped Soulvoid
44. Fel Magus Alyronia
45. Fel Magus Bel’grul
46. Felsoul Jailer *Servant of Caria & Varedis*
47. Gerenth the Vile
48. Kreenam *Hakkar’s Minion*
49. Imp Mother Gothol
50. Pod-King Hazzad




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